Sabian XS20 Crash Cymbals


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Modern Value
Getting into great sounding cymbals is as easy as getting
into Xs20. Crafted using an innovative technique, Xs20
delivers bright sounds, professional looks, and great feel
at a nice price, making this the ideal choice when you discover that sound matters.

14″ Medium Thin Crash – XS1407
14″ Medium Thin Crash Brilliant – XS1407B
16″ Medium Thin Crash – XS1607
16″ Medium Crash Thin Brilliant – XS1607B
18″ Medium Thin Crash – XS1807
18″ Medium Thin Crash Brilliant – XS1807B
16″ Rock Crash – XS1609
16″ Rock Crash Brilliant – XS1609B
18″ Rock Crash – XS1809
18″ Rock Crash Brilliant – XS1809
16″ dB Control Crash – XS1636
16″ dB Control Crash Brilliant – XS1636B
18″ dB Control Crash – XS1836
18″ dB Control Crash Brilliant – XS1836B

STYLE: Vintage
SOUND: Bright
PITCH: Mid to High
FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

Vintage Bright – B20 Value… Move to the next stage.

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