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We carry ALL current models of Zildjian K Custom Ride Cymbals. See full list below.

Zildjian K Custom Series
The modern voice of the K family, K Custom cymbals are dark, rich and dry. Designed with today’s diverse music scene in mind, K Custom is both powerful and vibrant, yet dark and gentle.

21″ K Custom Dark Complex Ride – K0963
22″ K Custom Dark Complex Ride – K0964
20″ K Custom Dark Ride – K0965
20″ K Custom Dry Light Ride – K0966
22″ K Custom Dark Ride – K0967
21″ K Custom Special Dry Ride – K0969
20″ K Cust Left Side Ride W/3 Rivets – K0986
22″ K Custom High Definition Ride – K0989
20″ K Custom Session Ride – K0997
20″ K Custom Hybrid Ride – K0998
21″ K Custom Hybrid Ride – K0999
20″ K Custom Ride Brilliant – K20889

ZILDJIAN K CUSTOM- Rich, Dry and Complex

– Cast Bronze cymbals are individually poured and cast from raw molten metal.
– Each casting is cooled and sorted by weight for each cymbal model.
– Castings are then put through a complex sequence of heating, rolling, shaping,
hammering, and lathing techniques unique to each cymbal range.
– Cast Bronze cymbals have a rich, full-bodied sound that improves with age.
– They also have greater projection, clarity and durability than any other cymbals.
– Zildjian cast cymbals are made from the Zildjian secret alloy, which is comprised of
80% copper, 20% tin, and traces of silver.

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