Zildjian K Constantinople Ride Cymbals


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We carry ALL current models of Zildjian K Constantinople Ride Cymbals. See full list below.

Zildjian K Constantinople Series
The legendary K Constaninople is the pinnacle of the Zildjian cymbal line, renowned for it’s perfectly blended sound quality. Complex hammering contributes to the cymbal’s unique sonic identity and dark tones that can be at once cutting and smooth. Drawing on cymbal-making techniques perfected in the Zildjian Sound Lab, K Constantinople cymbals can range from subtle to explosive.

K1016 20″ K Constantinople Medium Ride
K1020 22″ K Constantinople Medium Ride
K1060 20″ K Constantinople Bounce Ride
K1101 22″ K Constantinople Thin Ride Over Hammmered
K1113 20″ K Constantinople Medium Thin Ride Low
K1114 22″ K Constantinople Bounce Ride
K1115 20″ K Constantinople Ride Medium Thin High
K1116 22″ K Constantinople Renaissance Ride
K1119 22″ K Constantinople Ride Medium Thin Low
K1121 22″ K Constantinople Ride Medium Thin High

K CONSTANTINOPLE- The pinnacle of the Zildjian cymbal line.

– Cast Bronze cymbals are individually poured and cast from raw molten metal.
– Each casting is cooled and sorted by weight for each cymbal model.
– Castings are then put through a complex sequence of heating, rolling, shaping,
hammering, and lathing techniques unique to each cymbal range.
– Cast Bronze cymbals have a rich, full-bodied sound that improves with age.
– They also have greater projection, clarity and durability than any other cymbals.
– Zildjian cast cymbals are made from the Zildjian secret alloy, which is comprised of
80% copper, 20% tin, and traces of silver.

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