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We carry ALL current models of Zildjian FX Series Cymbals and Effects. See full list below.

Zildjian FX Series
Experiment with a variety of effects and accents with this unique, innovative line of cymbals from Zildjian. Add exotic colors and character to your sound with an Oriental China Trash or a Trashformer

FX Metal Castanets – P0775
FX Finger Cymbals, Thin – P0773
FX Finger Cymbals, Thick – P0771
FX Dancer Zils – P0770
8″ ZXT Trashformer – ZXT8TRF
10″ ZXT Trashformer – ZXT10TRF
14″ ZXT Trashformer – ZXT14TRF
10″ Spiral Stacker – FXSPL10
12″ Spiral Stacker – FXSPL12
18″ Spiral Trash – FXSPL18
9″ Oriental Trash Splash – A0609
11″ Oriental Trash Splash – A0611
8″ Oriental China “Trash” – A0608
10″ Oriental China “Trash” – A0610
12″ Oriental China “Trash” – A0612
13″ Oriental China “Trash” – A0613
14″ Oriental China “Trash” – A0614
15″ Oriental China “Trash” – A0615
16″ Oriental China “Trash” – A0616
18″ Oriental China “Trash” – A0618
20″ Oriental China “Trash” – A0620
20″ Oriental Crash Of Doom – A0621
6″ Small Zil Bell – A20001
7.5″ Volcano Cup Zil Bell – A20003
9.5″ Large Zil Bell – A20002
15″ Azuka Latin Multi Crash Hand / Stick – A20015
17″ El Sonido Multi Crash Ride – A20017

FX – Ethereal, Creative and Atmospheric.

A Zildjian, A Custom, FX, K Zildjian, K Custom, K Constantinople
– Cast Bronze cymbals are individually poured and cast from raw molten metal.
– Each casting is cooled and sorted by weight for each cymbal model.
– Castings are then put through a complex sequence of heating, rolling, shaping,
hammering, and lathing techniques unique to each cymbal range.
– Cast Bronze cymbals have a rich, full-bodied sound that improves with age.
– They also have greater projection, clarity and durability than any other cymbals.
– Zildjian cast cymbals are made from the Zildjian secret alloy, which is comprised of
80% copper, 20% tin, and traces of silver.

– Bronze cymbals begin as pre-formed disks cut from metal with uniform thickness.
– Precision hammering and shaping pummels cymbal discs, loosening the alloy’s molecular structure and freeing up its distinctive tone.
– Bronze cymbals have a very fast response with a quick decay.
– They have excellent durability and a consistent sound within each respective model.
– Affordably priced, Bronze cymbals are an ideal first cymbal choice.

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