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We carry ALL current models of Sabian AAX Hi Hats. See full list below.

Modern Bright
Its “Dynamic Focus” design delivers the ultimate modern bright sound. AAX gives you control in any style of music with its “Dynamic Focus” design ensuring total response accuracy and modern bright, shimmering sounds at all volume levels. Touch it…thrash it. Only AAX delivers such consistently crisp, clear responses.

14″ AAX V Hats – 21402XBV
14″ AAX Studio Hats – 21401X
14″ AAX Studio Hats Brilliant – 21401XB
14″ AAX Stage Hats – 21402X
14″ AAX Stage Hats Brilliant – 21402XB
14″ AAXplosion Hats Brilliant – 2140287XB
16″ AAXplosion Hats Brilliant – 2160287XB
13″ AAX X-Celerator Hats – 21302XL
13″ AAX X-Celerator Hats Brilliant – 21302XLB
14″ AAX X-Celerator Hats – 21402XL
14″ AAX X-Celerator Hats Brilliant – 21402XLB
13″ AAX Fusion Hats – 21350X
13″ AAX Fusion Hats Brilliant – 21350XB
14″ AAX Metal Hats – 21403X
14″ AAX Metal Hats Brilliant – 21403XB

STYLE: Modern
SOUND: Bright
PITCH: Mid to High
FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

AAX is quite a different cymbal and concept from the AA. It is also a B20 bronze cymbal, but that is where the likeness ends. AAX receives a jumbo hammering treatment and pinpoint lathing. The first ‘innovative’ series created by SABIAN (and the catalyst for SABIAN’s reputation for award-winning innovation) AAX features an exclusive ‘Auto-Focus Response’ feature. Tap an AAX with your finger or beat it with a stick, the response automatically focuses on the true, fundamental sound of that cymbal. Unlike other cymbals (especially before the advent of HHX, etc.) AAX responds with total accuracy at all dynamics, from low to high volumes. Other cymbals, including AA, have a ‘response threshold’. This means they sound best once they reach a certain volume. With AAX you can play the sounds you like at any volume. As for those sounds, AAX has a glassier, shimmering response that is bright, clear and focused.

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