Blackstar ID:Series FS-10 Footcontroller Switch Pedal


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FS-10 Footcontroller
A footcontroller for the ID:Series amplifiers

The FS-10 footcontroller gives you simple on-the-fly control of your ground-breaking ID:Series amplifier, allowing you to get the most from it in a performance situation.

FS-10 Footcontroller Overview

  • On-the-fly control of ID:Series amplifiers
  • 3 Modes for complete flexibility
  • Requires no external power supply
  • Connects with a regular guitar cable
  • Access and use the ID:Series chromatic tuner

On-the-fly Control
Control your ID:Series amp

ControlThe FS-10 has been designed from the ground up to give you dynamic control of your ID:Series amp. Fully compatible and powered direct from the amp, it’s the simplest way to unleash any ID:Series amp’s full performance potential.


Patch Mode
Access all 128 patches

ModeThis mode allows you to switch between the three banks of four patches accessible on the front panel of the amp (patches 1-12) in addition to patches 13-128, plus access to the tuner function and the ability to change to the other modes.


Effects Mode
Switching of effects

EffectsThis offers individual switching of the effects within a patch, operating more like traditional effects pedals. In this mode the fourth switch is used to control the tap time function.


Navigation Mode
Navigate through patches

NavEnables access to the complete set of 128 patches stored on the amp. These can be stepped through one at a time, or in banks. Whilst in this mode you can also store patches.



Chromatic Tuner
Tune your guitar via the LED display

TunerAccess the amp’s on-board chromatic tuner and the FS-10’s clear LED display will guide you into tune.



Powered By The Amp
No need for another power supply

PowerAs well as sending a wealth of control information to your amp, the FS-10 cleverly takes its power from the amp too. A regular guitar lead is all you need to connect your ID:Series amp and your FS-10.


Clear LED Display
Bright and easy to see

LEDFrom Patch and Bank selection to effect Tap tempo, the FS-10 tells you everything you need to know about your ID:Series amp at a glance, using a clear and bright LED display.

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